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Chills and Thrills

26 Jul

Looking for that “just right” book to entice a middle or high school age reader? I have just the book for you… The Hill by Karen Bass, (Pajama Press) will reach out and grab the most reluctant reader. ¬†With a fast-paced narrative, delivered¬†through short, punchy chapters, readers will stay engaged in this thriller. Karen Bass does an excellent job capturing the voice, thoughts and fears of a teen-aged boy. Beginning with a plane crash into a wooded wilderness (reminiscent of The Hatchet), readers will dive through page after page to see what else is coming. Once our hero regains consciousness, similarities to The Hatchet quickly end. Karen Bass crafts an atmosphere that is at once both familiar and foreign. Can places be cursed? Can certain locations hold a door into an alternate, evil dimension? How does a scared, selfish, pampered city boy find the courage and skills to fight consummate evil? Pick up The Hill and find out!! Available August 15, 2016.