Have you Read This?

30 Mar

Looking for a few “fresh reads” for your students? I have two  great new picture books that I’m excited to  recommend!

The first is Allen Say’s Drawing from Memory. Drawing from Memory is an engaging, well-written autobiography told in a “graphic novel” type format. Say recounts his struggles toward becoming an accomplished and widely-recognized author and illustrator. Students will readily connect to Say’s young life as he dealt with World War ll and his parent’s subsequent divorce. Other issues addressed in the book include parental approval, finding a mentor, perseverance, and starting over. Children who are passionate about art, illustrations, and Japanese Manga will be particularly intrigued. Older students who struggle with reading will be supported with the  comic strip type format and pictures. Rich vocabulary and thoughtful writing will expand the reading abilities of all readers. Great teaching points abound from the  descriptive illustrations to the autobiographical genre.

Another great book that would be appropriate for all ages is Mind Your Manners, Alice Roosevelt! by Leslie Kimmelman. This entertaining biography offers a fantastic opportunity to teach the genre of biography as well as an inviting look into the family life of President Theodore Roosevelt. Sprinkled throughout with quotes from Theodore Roosevelt, children will be interested to learn more about the lives and families of our presidents. Most students will easily connect with the feisty, full- spirited Alice and her adventures.

Happy Reading!


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