Read Aloud Every Day

22 Mar

There is an instructional strategy that has all of the following benefits:

  • Increases student motivation to read
  • Increases positive feelings toward reading
  • Builds comprehension
  • Models comprehension strategies
  • Models fluency
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Builds content knowledge
  • Helps students make connections
  • Increases the cohesiveness and unity of the classroom
  • Helps students explore and discover the world
  • Helps students learn more about themselves
  • And more!!!!

ALL of the above benefits can be gained through the simple strategy of a daily read- aloud.  Although I believe that most primary grade teachers include a daily read-aloud, the pressures and curricular demands of the intermediate grades often cause intermediate grade teachers to leave off reading out loud to students. I would argue that it is too important and too beneficial to ever leave off.  There are so many ways to read aloud to students. When the classroom is a little tense,  relieve the tension with a few jokes from a joke book, comic book, or poetry book.  Between lessons work in a few book review “commercials”.  Share that interesting article you saw in the newspaper. Read aloud picture books. Yes! Picture books are always appropriate in the intermediate grades. Some of the subject matter is quite sophisticated and children love them. Read aloud a chapter book. Work in poetry that connects to content areas. Demonstrate to students how you try to vary the genres that you select by keeping a posted chart of all of the classroom read alouds. Learn more about how to deepen your read aloud time by consulting the experts. Jim Trelease in the New Read Aloud Handbook offers great suggestions for books to read aloud as well as important pointers. Mary Lee Hahn in her book, Reconsidering Read Aloud,  gives a wide- range of tips and ideas for getting more out of read aloud. The important thing is this, though, just do it every day!!


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